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Galloimages Online was founded by Mark S. Perry (born 1955). Perry was born in the historic river town of Marietta, Ohio, and has spent his entire life in Ohio. Throughout his education, he was fascinated by art and science. He fell in love with his father’s camera in the 1960s and felt a strong urge to take the path of photography. However, his was to wait for some years as he went to study microbiology in Ohio University in Athens, OH. After his graduation he completed the pre-medical technology program. He then became a registered medical technologist and specializing in microbiology. Throughout this time, his interest in photography was growing strong but life still didn’t allow him to pursue photography with vigor until later in life. His career in medicine landed him in various positions including successful positions in diagnostic sales and management. The urge to become a photographer that he officiated high school and college baseball for 38 seasons. He also officiated a professional baseball and Division III College World Series. Perry later on decided to devote his free time to digital photography, and eventually he became a full time photographer. Today he produces and distributes his art through Galloimages Online which has become the leading producer and distributor of video, music and dynamic digital images, especially designed for professionals in the business of marketing, media and advertising in Poland, Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia and Czech Republic. The framed Galloimages Online art can be seen adorning the wall of many prestigious buildings n the world. Galloimages Online is the exclusive representative of Getty Images collections in Poland, Russia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Czech Republic.
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