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David Galchutt Art

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David Galchutt was born and raised in Southern California. His parents met in Los Angeles at Chouinard art school in the 1950s. His father was a graphic designer while his mother studied costume design. He decided to become an artist back in kindergarten. In 1981 he graduated from Art Center College of Design and has worked in many areas of illustration. He freelanced while holding a part time job at a small design studio where they focused primarily on toy accounts. He wrote and illustrated a children's book. After more than 20 years the job ended. He’s worked as a giftware designer for the past decade while he continues to freelance. Galchutt is a regular contributor to Highlights Magazine for children, a relationship that he very much treasures. He realized that art might be the path he should take one day in kindergarten when the teacher told them to draw trees with crayons. His tree had branches and a bird's nest, and the teacher was really impressed. His art style can be described as stylized, whimsical, colorful, quirky imagery. He loves good, strong design using costume in his work when he can. After working for over 20 years in watercolor, he decided to switch to oils. He never liked watercolor very much but he liked it for children's illustration. Recently he began experimenting in oils and he loves them... especially because of their wide range of color. Today, framed David Galchutt art grace the walls of many galleries around the world.
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