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Gabriela Art

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Gabriela (Born in 1969) loved art when she was still a small girl. Her mother noticed her talent early enough and supported her in all the ways possible. In fact her mother was her primary mentor. Gabriela studied at Arte A.C. and was influenced by artists Fernando Cervantes and Damian de la Rosa. She has a unique style of painting. She doesn’t paint inside the space of the canvas but looks for visual connections and analogies on the edges and outside of the canvas. Many mentioned over-determination, overexposure, but her secret may just be in the unclassifiable emotional effect her work gives out, from whatever angle the viewer looks at it. When observed from the right, the viewer will have the feeling they have understood it and seized it, but when they move to the left all of a sudden they are plunged into a totally new atmosphere. Pictures of deep shadows, abstract landscapes, vegetation, and geometric shapes, reflects her creative will to give back to painting that ability to “represent” as a photograph of emotion, and not like an ordinary photograph. She is known to use materials, shapes, and textures to capture color through innovative use of form and light. She has a dynamic personality since she grew up in an ideal environment for developing her artistic talent and creativity in the company of her mother. The lasting effect from her work is one of seduction, purity and emotion. Framed Gabriela art are currently much sought after by many leading collectors.
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