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Stephanie French Art

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Stephanie French is an artist who liked travelling, seeing and looking art and this became an integral part of her life very early on. She loved art and knew that she would become an artist in her future. Today she’s an artist who’s much sought after by many clients. That’s why at any given moment she always has piece of incomplete work at hand. Stephanie grew in an environment in which art was appreciated. In the home where she was, she got encouragement to pursue art as a career. Today she has quite a number of prominent people as her clients. Her art has also found its way into many private and public galleries, homes and institutions. They are currently found in many collections around the world. Many collectors prefer the framed Stephanie French art. She has shared with her friends her joys of seeing museums while traveling with her family as a girl, and admiring dance and architecture. This passion for searching would follow her through college and is what eventually developed into a career. Stephanie consciously strives to create a visual impact of color and shape combined with stylishness or attractiveness with a sense of stillness or liveliness from something which is often quite an extremely and ordinarily popular subject. Stephanie had been involved in building philanthropies and collections for others, but in the back of her mind, she wished she could one day own pieces like what she was looking at and collecting. Those who have purchased her art agree that they can be used to decorate any room.
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