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Ruth Franks Art

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Ruth Franks is most widely known for her tapestry style images. She started working on art from a very young age. She attributes her creativity to being exposed to a variety of cultures and having lived in many areas of her country. Her work had been widely chosen by the hospitality design community and can be seen in many hotels and casinos across the country. She has a great admiration for nature and architectural elements and chooses to incorporate many in her paintings. This makes her to create a wide variety of images. Ruth is good at what she does and doesn’t fear to take even the very complex projects that many artists would ran away from. She does her work within the stipulated time and budget and is able to beat even the strictest deadlines. The choice of her subject matter is such as to endear her viewers to her art. She chooses subjects that clients can easily relate to and those that appeal to their emotions. Her flower paintings can be used to decorate any room; whether an office, adults’ rooms or children’s room. She uses color and texture to bring perfect balance in all her compositions. That’s why her art is able to stand out among the works of other artists. Being a professional artist has not stopped her from seeing to acquire more knowledge that can help improve her art. She therefore visits many art galleries and museums to view the works of other artists. Framed Ruth Franks art are highly priced by many collectors because their demand is high.
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