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Stephen Fowler Art

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Stephen Fowler is an illustrator and graphic designer who started working on his artistic pieces when he was working as a packaging designer in Chicago. It's during this time that he developed his design skills that also inspired the incorporation of graphic layouts and typography in his works, something that still continue to influence his art. Back in the days, Fowler had a small studio in Chicago where he created artwork mainly inspired by his surroundings in Wrigleyville, Chicago. And it's from there that he captured images of dogs, baseball, and big graphic signage. Since he wasn't creating his artistic works full time, Fowler used to spend his time during the evenings and over the weekends, working on diverse sketches that made his artistic collection. It's in 2009 that the artist moved to Perrysburg, Ohio, his hometown. Being part of the Gemini Studio Art has made it possible for him to produce several artwork pieces and reach out to diverse art lovers and critics. The studio contains thousands of artistic works, including illustrations produced as wrapped canvases and fine art prints. Besides having his artistic works in Gemini Studio Art, he also has numerous of his works in diverse galleries located across the globe, with several of them selling in diverse finishing options such as lamination, canvases, and prints. There are also several galleries and art dealerships that sell Stephen Fowler framed art for customers who would like ready to hang art. They can be easily used in home or office interiors among other places.
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