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Ray Foster Art

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Framed Highway 101
Highway 101
by Ray Foster
36" x 36" Frame
Price: $792.99 
Sale: $396.49
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Ray Foster is a self taught artist. His family goes back centuries in Eastern Maine. As a creative individual and having been raised up in Connecticut, he has had the best in terms of exposure to the landscape of Connecticut and the beautiful Maine coast. Foster has developed a style of his own, concentrating on atmospheric and light conditions such as clear brilliance of a mid summer day on the coast of Maine, sea smoke, storms, and fog. May Maine artists inspire him, for example, Rockwell Kent and Marsden Hartley. He has been painting for the last 10 years, and his art has found its way into many art galleries and museums. He just started out as an exhibitor at shows throughout the northeast, participating in as many as 20 shows per year. He was also assisting other dealers at shows as far away as Brandywine, Nashville, New York City, and Alexandria. Foster pushes his light and color keys and tend to be enthusiastic in his use of color. He mostly paints with a pallet knife on board. His appreciation for impressionist painting led him to try his hand at painting pictures. Foster had already been visiting Maine at his grandparent’s coastal farm during summer and produced his first pieces there. He still continues to be inspired by the beauty of the area in Eastern Maine where he has now lived for the past decade. Framed Ray Foster art are currently being sought by many leading collectors and they can be found in many collections throughout the world.
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