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Crista Forest Art

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Crista Forest is an artist who is based in Southern California. This is where she was born and brought up. From a young age, she loved to draw animals, and her work is displayed in Fountain Valley, California. Crista has illustrated a few books including Northern Refuge by Audrey Fraggalosch and Shockers of the Sea by Carolyn Arnold. It's unfortunate that her parents discouraged her from pursuing of art as a career path and, as she neared adulthood, she was strongly encouraged to seek what they referred to as a more "practical" subject to study in school. She then decided to put art on the back burner as she spent many long years struggling through college, trying to find that "right" major; all her so called “practical" interests leaned towards biology natural and sciences, and none was "practical" enough. To just graduate and move on, she finally settled on Business Administration. However, after just six months of working in accounting she knew it couldn't last. But she didn't know what else to do. Then came a time when one person changed her life; and that one person was her sister. She gave her a gift certificate to an art supply store as a birthday gift. In the card, her sister put a note saying now that she was done with college maybe she'd have more free time to get back to who she really was. Crista nearly broke down in tears. At that point, she knew she had to get back into art somehow. She started painting frantically and after a local gallery picked up her work and sold the originals as fast as she could paint them she was encouraged. She eventually quit her accounting job and started painting full time. Today, framed Crista Forest art adorn the walls of homes, institutions, galleries, etc.
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