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Sharon Forbes Art

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When Sharon Forbes was still young, her parents would take them out (Sharon and her three sisters) to a nearby canyon with a stream; a place that was known for its pollywog. It was their favorite place on the earth. After being given old soup cans, nets and jars, their parents would let them play for several hours catching lizards, frogs, pollywogs, and anything else that could get onto their path. Occasionally, they would spot and catch a dragonfly. Now she enjoys the damsel flies, dragonflies, birds, frogs, fish and bees even more than she did as a child. She loved anything with an artistic flare and made a decision that she would become an artist when she grew up. Today she’s a photographer whose hand-tinted imaginative photographs mirror many of the wistful images of her own childhood, a time when she played dress-up in exotic dance costumes belonging to her aunt, and attended a small country school. Years later, when Sharon and her husband were planning the landscape design for their home on Magnolia Lane, she was inspired by her childhood memories. She made the backyard of the home to be her sanctuary, complete with a stream, waterfall, and lily pond. Sharon had worked in real estate and as a hair stylist. And in all these times she kept her creative drive alive by doing some personal artwork. With a lot of patience, she photographs the subject and then hand-tints each portrait resulting in a combination of romanticism and realism that enthralls parents and brings a smile to all viewers, especially when made into framed Sharon Forbes art.
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