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David Fokos Art

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Framed Shark Tooth Cliff
Shark Tooth Cliff
by David Fokos
25" x 25" Frame
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David Fokos (Born in 1960) currently lives in San Diego, CA but he was born in Baltimore, MD. The images he makes today are the result of more than 3 decades of exploration and discovery in his quest to understand how we perceive our environment and how we are affected by the world around us. It is his desire to express to his viewers the essence of his experience in these places and to evoke within them the same emotion he felt at the time of the exposure. His art has been exhibited at Granary Gallery, West Tisbury, MA, Pulse Gallery, San Diego, CA, Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery, Osaka, Japan, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA, Cris Worley Fine Arts, Dallas TX, Kashya Hildebrand Gallery, New York, Galerie Kashya John Cleary Gallery, Houston, TX, Hildebrand, Zurich, Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, EMON Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, among others. Drawing upon his background in science (engineering) and a years of interest in Japanese aesthetic traditions, he came to understand that viewers want images that they can relate to. Through the use of long exposures the artist has been able to encode the element of time into what would otherwise be a static image. In this process Fokos strips away the “visual noise” to reveal a world that is not experienced visually. He produces art in a variety of finishing options, with the most popular being the framed David Fokos art. With his art, he’s not trying to show the viewer what the places he captures look like, but rather what they feel like.
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