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Vivian Flasch Art

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Vivian Flasch is a professional American painter based in Kentucky. She covers different topics in her paintings, but most of her artwork pieces are mainly expressing the beauty of flowers, drawing that inspiration mainly from her flower garden. Vivian ensures that her paintings capture every important detail that will best deliver the beauty of her subjects. In the case of her floral works, she captures the beautiful colors, patterns, and shapes that define every flower species she paints. She’s also inspired by other nature’s beauties such as plants, animals, and other related subjects. The appeal of her artistic works is her ability to choose a style that best delivers her desired results, switching between contemporary art and traditional realism, mainly getting direction based on the specific subject she would like to paint at any given time. Vivian specializes in art making using acrylics and oil as her main mediums, with canvas being her primary base support. She has a long spanning experience that can be traced back to her childhood, although she started art making mainly as a hobby. The kind of positive feedback she received from her artistic works cheered her on until she got convinced that art would be her career. Vivian not only creates art that vividly portrays the beauty and significance of her subjects, but also ensures that her creative pieces stand the test of time, being delivered in a style that can fit in a variety of design environments. It’s because of that quality that several of her artwork pieces have been used in creating products such as cards, wall arts, and journals. They are also available in galleries and dealerships, with a number of them stocking ready to hang Vivian Flasch framed art.
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