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Costanza Festa Art

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Costanzo Festa (Born some time between 1485 and 1490) was a composer of the Renaissance from Italy. While he’s best known for madrigals (secular vocal music composition), he also wrote sacred vocal music. Festa was the first polyphonist from Italy who was known internationally, and together with Verdelot Philippe, he was one of the first native Italian to write madrigals, in the early years of that 16th-century Italian musical forms which was most popular of all. In early 1514, he wrote Quis dabit oculis, a short piece of sacred choral music titled on the occasion of the death of Anne of Brittany, the Queen of France. The funeral was an extensive affair that lasted for 40 days. This piece is the first record of his activity, and the earliest composition of Festa's that’s datable. Today, a large number of his works can be dated precisely. This is because some of his compositions were topical, referring to deaths, visits, weddings, and other events. Festa was active as a composer throughout his life, and some of his earliest madrigals are easily identifiable and distinguishable from the works of other artists. While he was not very successful in his attempted sale in 1536 to the printer in Veneto, in 1538 a Roman firm produced a book of his madrigals as a result of the privilege granted. However, most of it can’t be traced today. In 1537, a firm Veneto printed a collection of his madrigals for three voices. The framed Costanzo Festa art are held in some prestigious collections and galleries around the world.
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