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Joseph Eta Art

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Joseph Eta was born on the coast of Cameroon. He loved art from a tender age. He spent his childhood in Africa and this continues to influence his photography. Eta used to admire the works of some of the leading photographers of the past and also of his time. Eta was brought up at the foot of Mount Cameroon. As a child he used the sun as his timekeeper. Outside their window and in full view of gigantic jacaranda trees, his grandmother would move the water bucket, sit in a beam of light then slowly heat his bath water before he left for school. The young Eta would dress and when ready, he would watch the shadow of the sun move graciously around the room like the hand of a clock, until it lit up the front door step, and then he would know it was time to leave for school. When he joined high school, he found the life there to be quite excited. His school faced the Atlantic Ocean shores and every day he would watch the waves break as he sat in his desk. Framed Joseph Eta art are very easy to recognize. The artist says that if one doesn’t believe in God, then they can believe in autumn, summer, spring and winter. This is because, according to hi, these seasons come and go every year and they are the products of nature. He remembers vividly these early interactions with the outside world and these were the beginning of his appreciation of nature and natural beauty.
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