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Joe Esquibel Art

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Joe Esquibel is a professional artist who hails from Utah, but has spent many years in New York City where he gained an even greater education in the business of art and new inspiration for his characteristic style. Painting has always been his love, but he successfully created entertainment graphics for more than 17 years before he decided to return to painting. Today, Esquibel is known worldwide and his designs have been used by many companies. His designs have been used by just about every movie studio in Hollywood: MGM, New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount and Dreamworks. Hel has also provided visuals for Rhino Records, Fox, Hershey's, Skechers, Sony, Marvel Comics, among others. The environments in which Esquibel has traveled and lived have become the foundation of who he is as a painter. His art capture the ways in which people experience their surroundings. His debut in the film industry arose from the opportunity he was given to create an art character for animated 2004 holiday film starring Meryl Streep and Jim Carrey. His process of painting invites both intention and chance, and these results in an engaging representation of transformation and beauty. His use of composition, texture and color stem from his appreciation of both natural and man-made beauty and is rich inheritance of cultural aesthetics. Esquibel is sought out for his hand-rendered, unique, style. He finds himself coming up with ideas which can only be realized through the building up of several layers of paint and texture. Framed Joe Esquibel art are very popular with collectors because of their uniqueness.
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