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Karen Dupre Art

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Artist Karen Dupre was born in California. She’s primarily a self-taught artist whose first inspiration came from her interest in horses. What started off as a hobby quickly led her to appreciate the magnificence of these animals and other wildlife through drawing. Since her early years as an artist, Karen has broadened her repertoire to include imagery, still life, landscapes, and figures in her posters, prints and art. At age 9, she began working in pastels, which soon progressed into the use of acrylic paints and other mediums. She is fascinated by the explosive texture, values and temperatures these medium bring. Being a self-taught artist, her art prints including the posters, landscapes, still lifes, animals, figures and wildlife all reflect her versatility. By dealing in a variety of subjects, she believes she is able to reach a wide audience to effectively convey her feelings. The tranquil harmony of her pieces of art is a beautiful reflection of her artistic expertise. The popularity of her artwork ever growing because throughout her imagery, one can find a certain sense of harmony. Her artwork reflects her versatility in terms of subject matter, ranging from entertainment scenes and bold images of exotic animals to serene table settings and calm landscapes. The tranquility in her art is partly a result of her gentle brushstrokes and her illustration of the play of light in both nature and manmade objects. The constant elements in her paintings are the use of the vibrancy of the colors and the heavy paint. Framed Karen Dupre art can be found in many private homes, institutions, galleries, museums and schools.
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