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Maciej Duczynski Art

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Framed Netherlands Lighthouse
Netherlands Lighthouse
by Maciej Duczynski
15" x 16" Frame
Price: $167.99 
Sale: $83.99
Framed Norway 78
Norway 78
by Maciej Duczynski
23" x 23" Frame
Price: $255.99 
Sale: $127.99
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2 Items
Maciej Duczynski (Born in 1975) was born in Katowice, south of Poland. He’s the most well-known of all the Polish travel and landscape photographers, known for the most part for his photographs of Norway. He discovered his passion for photography while he was traveling around Europe during his study time. Duczynski is entirely a self-taught photographer, but through experience, he produces images that complete well and even surpass those of trained photographers. For that, he’s inspires many upcoming photographers and even photography teachers. He captures the drama of the lighting in the natural world in a magical way. Duczynski loves vibrant colors in sunsets and sunrises. He also loves textures, waterfalls and flowing water, but mainly has the passion for the inaccessible mountains and the beauty of wild. In his impressive shots Duczynski tries to capture how the light interacts with the scene and the mood of the scene. His art has showcased in numerous local and international publications; they have won over a hundred competitions in thirty countries and have been used in several areas. He’s a contributor to a number of online Photography forums and is also a member of juries including the top international competition, the Trierenberg Super Circuit. Framed Maciej Duczynskin art are stocked by many collectors because they are in great demand. The new technologies and techniques provide him more possibilities in landscape photography (panoramas stitching, HDR, etc). Duczynski has spent most of his free time traveling and capturing beautiful images around Europe. He prefers the wilderness and cold beauty of northern lands of Scandinavia and specializes in landscape photography.
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