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Bill Drysdale Art

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Bill Drysdale (Born in 1949) was born into a fairly typical California family to a hard working father and a stay-at-home mother. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University in the Art Department. Here, he received a solid foundation in illustration, art and design under such artists as Enrie Kolar and Dick Oden. After completing his studies, he pursued freelance art, while working as a set designer for a major furniture company. He designed decorative 3D silkscreened cloths and illustrated Alpha Romeos for a local publication. Drysdale’s mother was highly creative and Drysdale must have inherited hi creativity from her. Drysdale and his brother were always involved in her projects. They hauled river rock from Mt. Baldy to build fireplace and patio, and even constructed a full-size Native American teepee from scratch. Drysdale spent many hours drawing and sketching cartoons. Drysdale later became a full time freelance artist specializing in architectural illustration. In 1992, he began painting in watercolor and has exhibited in Laguna at a Festival of Arts and well as at many other galleries. Framed Bill Drysdale art has found its way into many homes and galleries across California and beyond. His images are able to transport the viewer to a simpler time, when they can almost fell the sun, smell the surf, and hear the sounds of a surf band. He now paints with oils because they allow him to work with loose but quick strokes making him to produce very realistic and attractive images.
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