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Valentina Di grazzia Art

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Valentina Di Grazzia is an artist who’s based in the town of Pietrasanta, Italy. This is where she was born and raised. She was born in an artistic family and her first art lessons were offered by her grandmother who studied with many wonderful painters and was a great painter of her time. Valentina has loved art for as long as she can remember and has learned specific techniques, studied the artwork of some talented artists, and has interacted with many leading artists who inspire her work. But she says sometimes art just works and she doesn’t know where it came from. Her grandmother skillfully molded her talent. Today, her art are in great demand art because they can be used to decorate any space – this is more so for the framed Valentina Di Grazzia art. The artist is skilled in blending of color, form and texture to bring harmony and perfect balance to her compositions. She’s also good at ensuring that all the elements of art work together in perfect harmony. Valentina has been inspired by the beautiful Tuscan scenes, orchards, and gardens since her childhood. Valentina paints much like someone who’s cooking. She has a recipe in mind, and throws in a few artistic ingredients that work together to help her achieve what she wants. She doesn’t measure and she finds her way to the final image as she goes. She’s encouraged and inspired by her viewers who enjoy the refreshing power that her paintings bring into their homes.
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