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Osiecki Designs was established in 2007 and incorporated in New York. It was created by Osiecki and is a privately held company. Osiecki served in the Army in Poland during the First World War. During his first expedition in Poland, he was responsible for the documentation of Andean film. Osiecki was among the creators of colored poster for the Ice Hockey World Championships. Osiecki Designs is based in Skaneateles, NY and is categorized under Interior Design Company. In 1929, Osiecki earned his degree architectural engineering at the Warszawa University of Technology. After his graduation, he embarked on serious production of artwork and his fame expanded very fast. At the start of 1927, the artist made short films which covered mountaineering expeditions. Osiecki is a graphic designer, poster artist, climber, mountaineer, architect, skier, and filmmaker. He designed the very first versions of the Badges for Mountain Tourists, and after the Second World War, he participated in exhibitions in Roma, Bruxelles, New York and Helsinki. He entered his posters Hockey Poster and Ski Poster for the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics together with artist and rower Skolimowski who won a bronze medal and a silver medal. To him, Art remains both his vocation and his hobby, although there are certainly times when it feels less of past-time and more like a job because of the deadlines. During such times, he reminds myself that he’s only in this game because he loved art from the word go, and he considers it a lucky and extraordinary privilege to be able to make a living from it, essentially, just making things up. Framed Osiecki Designs art are very common in many galleries.
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