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Canvas Vintage Edgar Degas Wall Art

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Framed Cabaret
by Edgar Degas
20" x 10"
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Hilaire Germain Edgar Degas (19 July 1834 – 27 September 1917) was a French impressionist artist who became famous in the 19th century for his paintings, drawings, and sculptures. His works didn't just attract art lovers but also shaped the fine art scene. Degas started his painting at a young age, receiving the necessary support from his parents, mainly from his dad, who was an art lover. Although Degas was widely regarded as an impressionist, he had a unique style that combined impressionism and traditional elements. His art has been an inspiration to many artists after him, including Pablo Picasso. He draws his subjects from his daily life and surroundings. From dancers to cafés, theaters to horse racing, he captured it all. Nevertheless, most of his art captured women. Degas’ art brought an entirely new angle of looking at life and the things that people interact with every day. He achieved that by picking moments that had a story or a situation. There are some great moments that he would have loved to capture through photography, but since photography was still young, he would opt for drawing and painting his scenes. Degas went to the Paris-based École des Beaux-Arts in 1855. He was in the school for only a year after which he took time to travel, paint and study in Italy. Degas lived in Italy for three years. While in Italy, he copied works of different artists such as Michelangelo with a keenness that would later influence his artwork. In1859, Degas returned to Paris where he put more emphasis on painting. And in 1865, his “Scene of War in the Middle Ages” painting was accepted by Salon, which was a strict team of French art practitioners and teachers who oversaw all public display of art. He also interacted with several big names including Claude Monet, Manet, Alfred Sisley, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
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