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Philippe Debongnie Art

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Philippe Debongnie comes from Belgium and lives in Brussels. He is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, and teaches at two art schools. Working with a wide range of mediums including digital arts, painting and illustration, and also with a variety of tools and shapes, Debongnie takes pleasure in creating illustrations through a combination of drawing, painting, printing, and use of Photoshop. His work is greatly inspired by the places he has visited and the people he has met and also by his love of life and nature. Debongnie composes his work through the skillful use of the graceful transparency of colors. He embraces both modern and traditional techniques and also flirts with experimentation. With a skillful artistic flamboyance, his passion for his artwork becomes alive in his artwork. He has made a name for himself in the licensing world. He exhibits her talents in various art shows and exhibitions. Debongnie currently resides in Brussels Belgium with his two young children and beautiful wife. He fills his free time with painting, drawing, and running his personal blog. Debongnie shares the series called “Typography landscapes” that were created over engravings or old paintings, placing a few words inside it. In the series, he combines human forms with animal faces in settings that look like vintage photographs, incorporating bold contemporary designs and creating whimsical portraits. Today framed Philippe Debongnie art are highly priced by many discerning collectors and are sold in many outlets allover the world. He is strongly inspired by the way people behave, think, sing, dress, talk, etc, and these really make him want to portray them.
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