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Duhamel De Monceau Art

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Duhamel De Monceau (Born 1700) was born and raised in France. He was a botanist, naval engineer and physician. His father made him to study law though his heart was in botany. He was born of lord of Denainvilliers, Mr. Alexandre Duhamel. De Monceau had always been keen to detail brought on by his exposure to the early photo-realistic images. During his time, he had so many clients who were as diverse as the art and design projects he had the privilege to produce. In his youth De Monceau developed a passion for botany and when he inherited his father’s large estate, he expanded it into a model farm. He used this farm to develop and test new methods of forestry, agriculture and horticulture. There is a broad variety of finishing options of his art today, including framed Duhamel De Monceau art, to satisfy the varying needs of his clients. His art stand out in crowd because they give life to his subjects and give them a fresh new look. He published the results of his works in numerous publications. From 1740 going forward, he focused mainly on meteorological problems, particularly the impact of meteorological problems on agricultural production. His fondness for popularization, experimentation and concrete problems made him one of the forbearers of silviculture and modern agronomy. De Monceau was nominated to the French Academy of Sciences in 1738, and served 3 times as the president the Academy. He got the rare opportunity to carry out scientific studies of the paramedical of sailors and their fair, the conservation of wood, shipbuilding, etc.
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