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Ashley Davis Art

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Framed Chrysler Mom
Chrysler Mom
by Ashley Davis
19" x 23" Frame
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Price: $154.79 
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Artist Ashley Davis (Born in 1982) was born and raised up in Fort Worth, TX. She knew at a young age that she would become an artist. She could occupy most of her free time working on her art. As a child living in Fort Worth, there were many free hours to fill, and she could pass time with anything that had an artistic flair. She is the founder and owner of Sparrow Photography and Design through which she exploits her photography and design talent. Ashley’s photos bring out the subjects the way they are, she doesn’t make them look prettier than they are, and that’s why her work is very popular. She loves making pretty things to share with others, especially her vintage, whimsical style photogram, custom illustrations and graphic design work. She always tries to invite viewers to step into her photos, and share a moment of pleasure. She wants her viewers to feel as if they are stepping into a dream when they view her photographs, a dream that they would never want to leave. Her sensitivity to form and light has given her works much clarity. She embraces traditional techniques and flirts with new ones as well. Ashley attended San Francisco State University from where she obtained her BA in 2007. Ashley now produces an array of delightful high quality photographs. She always looks at different methods of creating and presenting images so that the final products are not only unique and attractive but also inspiring. That’s why many collectors have fallen in love with ready-to-hang framed Ashley Davis art.
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