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Sarah Davis Art

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Sarah Davis was born in London, but spent her childhood in Sweden, America, and New Zealand where she spent a lot of time doodling endlessly, chasing sheep, digging for worms, and of course falling in rivers. She has been fascinated with art since her childhood. She liked anything with an artistic flare. She has been able to accept the destiny of the creative process, producing several pieces of art that today adorn the walls of many prominent people around the world. She began illustrating children’s books in 2007 and has since collaborated with several leading authors in Australian and New Zealand. Sarah now spends most of her time in Sydney searching for ideas, spilling pots of paint, chasing her 3 children, and doodling endlessly. Due to her extensive experience working in the arts industry, she has managed to attract a huge following and her art can be seen around the world in many galleries and both in private and corporate collections. Growing up, Sarah was surrounded by many supportive people including family, friends and teachers. She was exposed to a collection of artwork that she used to go through over and over again. She loves art and can’t imagine ding something else – though she’s a qualified secondary teacher who holds an honors degree in literature, and has taught creative writing, English and art in NZ secondary schools for several years. The artist gets her inspiration form her surroundings. Today saying that her work makes people stop and take a second look would be an understatement. Viewers find her art quite irresistible, and that’s why the framed Sarah Davis art are in high demand.
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