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Kerry Darlington Art

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Kerry Darlington (born 1974) is an artist whose artistic talent was discovered at a very young age. Her love of art grew over time as she used to see illustrations in books created by respected artists such as Dulac and Rackham. Kerry didn't let up in her quest to enhance her artistic skills, going ahead to study art at the Humberside University in Hull from where she graduated with a B.A. Honors degree in illustration. Kerry was originally born in North Wales in the U.K. although studies took her to South America where she worked for some time before moving back to the U.K. While in the U.K., she got a job as a designer and an illustrator in an engagement where she was able to expand her artistic knowledge by creating clay murals, which were sold to select residences in a host of global locations, including the U.S., United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. That job triggered her to try her hands in sculpting, which subsequently inspired her into experimenting more with texture to create three-dimensional art. Her art can be found in galleries and collections in diverse locations globally. Kerry Darlington framed art can also be purchased from galleries and art dealers. This is particularly those who would like to have art that’s ready for the wall. It rids you of the need to look for finishing options for your chosen artwork. Kerry currently creates art from the comfort of her studio in North Wales.
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