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Lisa Danielle Art

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Framed Four of a Kind
Four of a Kind
by Lisa Danielle
18" x 14" Frame
Price: $147.99 
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Lisa Danielle was born in La Jolla, the artist colony in California, USA. Born to artist parents, she grew with arts, drawing and coloring at the age of two and perfectly working with the largest available assortment of Crayola at the age of five. Lisa advanced to colored pencils, moved to tempera and then oil; her works won her awards and eventually a partial scholarship towards an art major. Her first full time job was commercial illustration, but she encountered certain challenges that prompted her to launch her own self-supporting career as a fine artist, never looking back from thence. Quality open air art and craft exhibitions she held in the 1970s exposed her to collectors with matching tastes in terms subject, presentation and framing. Lisa still enjoys the fruits that publicity from her local gallery as an artist-in-residence. In a quest for greater quality and to satisfy her growing collector base, Lisa needed top class studio, and this led her to hand-pick a few select galleries to exhibit her works of art. This enhanced her image and, added to her over 30 years of happy association with Leanin' Tree publishing. Moving home in 1981brought her more elements of fortune: subject, unceasing inspiration, classy representation and a peaceful space she had always longed for. Lisa mainly creates her artistic works using acrylics. Her love for nature has seen her create several artistic pieces that depict the beauty of nature. Lisa says of the beauty of nature she paints: "No matter what our heritage, the love of beauty is found all over the world." For those who would like framed Lisa Danielle art, they can be found in galleries and art dealerships across the globe.
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