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Framed Modern Leonardo Da Vinci Wall Art

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Framed Sketch of a Horse50% Off Art Prints
Sketch of a Horse
by Leonardo Da Vinci
18" x 22"
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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519), known as Leonardo Da Vinci, was an artist born in Italy. He covered several artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpting, writing among others. He was also a respected architecture, engineer, geologist, mathematician, anatomist, and more. Leonardo is one of the greatest painters to have ever walked the earth, and is widely considered as the person with the highest number of talents ever. In 1466, he learned several technical skills, including painting, at Verrocchio’s workshop in Florentine. It’s at the workshop where he created the “Baptism of Christ” painting. The quality of that piece was so high that, according to unverified sources, his master never painted again. In 1472, when he was only 20, he joined the Guild of St Luke as a master. The guild consisted of artists and medicine doctors. Leonardo’s main works are “Mona Lisa,” which is the world’s most parodied artwork, and “The Last Supper,” which is the most reproduced artwork of all time. His was not only about paintings, but his inventions and discoveries in science also came to be appreciated. Leonardo started making his paintings at an early age. He recorded time when he created a painting of fire spitting snakes, which Duke of Milan bought from his father. Leonardo was commissioned by several entities to create art, including Chapel of St. Bernard and Monks of San Donato a Scopeto. If there is something that defined his work, it was his undying love of knowledge and the determination to get better through research and experiments. Leonardo da Vinci framed art have been selling for years. Even now, his art still represent high quality that attract millions of art lovers globally. He combined different mediums in creating his works, based on his subjects and desired results.
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