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Brigitte Curt Art

Brigitte Curt has developed her art over time through research and experiments. Her research focused mainly on nature's beauty, individuals, societies, and aesthetics. Brigitte got into painting at a very young age due to painters in her family. Her study of human esthetics and its relationship with nature started out with her formal education at the University of Paris where she studied philosophy. Brigitte proceeded to earn her degrees in ethno-sociology and ethnography at the University of Algers in Algeria. While in North Africa, she studied, worked, and traveled, providing her with an opportunity to expand her understanding of societies. It's the same time she studied the works of African traditional artists. Besides learning art and the societies, she also introduced herself to photography, traveling to different villages and taking pictures. Brigitte’s experience in Africa gave her an opportunity to learn a lot about the African beauty. After close to 10 years in Africa, she went back to Paris where she started painting in the semi-abstract style. She also painted cosmic landscapes using pastels and mixed media. During the same period, Brigitte worked with African photography, adding a lot of value in her art in general. In 1987, she dedicated more time to life drawing, Plein Air landscape and oil painting. After many years of experience and as she continues to create art, Brigitte now offers art workshops and classes in France. She still continues to travel and get a lot of inspirations from all the places she visits and has traveled to China, Russia, and Australia. It's in Russia where she organized an art workshop together with School of Realist Art based in Saint Petersburg. Her work continues to enjoy display in different galleries. At the same time, framed Brigitte Curt art is also availed and ready for customers who want ready to hang art.
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7 Items
Framed Old Farmhouse
Old Farmhouse
by Brigitte Curt
36" x 30"
Price: $301.99
Sale: $150.99
Framed Valsainte
by Brigitte Curt
36" x 31"
Price: $307.99
Sale: $153.99
Framed Rivages Series II
Rivages Series II
by Brigitte Curt
24" x 44"
Price: $292.99
Sale: $146.49
Framed Basking in the Sunlight
Basking in the Sunlight
by Brigitte Curt
26" x 22"
Price: $200.99
Sale: $100.49
Framed Wild Poppies
Wild Poppies
by Brigitte Curt
26" x 22"
Price: $208.99
Sale: $104.49
Framed Pond at Rest
Pond at Rest
by Brigitte Curt
27" x 22"
Price: $210.99
Sale: $105.49
Framed Jewels of the Wetlands, Series One
Jewels of the Wetlands, Series One
by Brigitte Curt
43" x 38"
Price: $462.99
Sale: $231.49
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7 Items
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