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Dan Craig Art

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Daniel Craig (Born in 1957) was born in Mankato MN. His art has adorned the covers of magazines (Der Spiegel and The Atlantic Monthly) and books (The Count of Monte Cristo, War and Peace, and Treasure Island). He has received medals from The Society of Illustrators and was featured in Communications Arts. He also received two Clio Awards. At the age of 20 years, he traveled 80 miles north from Mankato MN to Minneapolis where he began his formal art education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. While he was a student here, Craig’s eyes were quickly drawn to the paintings of the Flemish masters of the 15th century, like Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Hans Memling, and Jan van Eyck. After the training, he devoted all his creative talent to drawing and painting. Inspired by his passion for the Old Masters, the artist began to build up a unique painting technique he describes as “Natural Idealism.” Many collectors and art stores stock a large number of framed Dan Craig art because their demand is high. These pieces of art come ready to hang with all the required accessories. He creates pictures scented with emotion, symbolism, and culture. Craig is keen to detail and her typical approach is to look for attractive elements and patterns to include in his artwork. With one foot in each door, he creates a space he would also love to be in. He has been described as a sensible artist whose every piece of art has something unique about them.
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