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Cassius Marcellus Coolidge Art

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Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (September 18, 1844 – January 13, 1934) was an artist who's famous for his series of paintings, depicting dogs playing poker. He was born in Antwerp, New York, although he grew up in Philadelphia, New York. But even with his artistic prowess, his formal artistic training was quite minimal. Coolidge did several different jobs after he left the family farm in the 1860s. These included working as a druggist and a painter. As part of his business works, he founded a local bank and a newspaper. Later on he decided to move to Rochester where he embarked on his career of painting dogs, putting the characters in human situations. In his early 20s, he landed a job with a local newspaper for which he created cartoons. Coolidge started a working relationship with Brown & Bigelow, a company that produced advertising calendars. For the company, he created several oil paintings that also included dogs playing poker. Coolidge later created several artwork pieces, including dogs playing pool among others. In 2005, two of his works, “Waterloo” and “A Bold Bluff”, thought to have been the original art pieces used by Brown & Bigelow sold for a total of $590,400. His artistic works became quite famous over the years and were widely sold by art dealerships, with several of them used to make calendars. In addition, Coolidge artwork pieces are available in galleries and collections in different global locations. Framed Cassius Marcellus Coolidge art pieces are also available in galleries across the globe for art lovers who would like wall art that’s ready for the wall.
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