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Anthony Cook Art

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Framed Elowah Falls
Elowah Falls
by Anthony Cook
25" x 33"
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Anthony Cook likes to travel extensively and in the process collects photographs of the natural world for book projects. Now Gallery Giclees presents his hand-signed, original photographs, as giclees on canvas, honoring both his photography skills and his environmental advocacy. This native of Pennsylvania grew up exploring and hiking the forests surrounding his home. These forests continue to influence his art to date. The way he portrays his photography testifies to a lifetime of involvement with the natural world. Cook’s awareness comes naturally and is something he must have inherited from his grandfather who was a conservationist. He has collected several photographs of the natural world for book projects in the future. His work has been featured in publications including U.S. Air Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, National Geographic Books and Sierra Magazine. Cook is a dedicated conservationist, and he has served on the Board of The National Aviary, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. He takes after his grandfather who deeded the original 7,200 acres comprising, to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Cook Forest State Park for its protection in perpetuity. Cook has written numerous articles, given many talks, and traveled to the old-growth forests of North America and Central America in his quest to raise awareness about the multifaceted issues affecting the future of these important remnant tracts of forest. Framed Anthony Cook art are really loved by conservationists. An exhibition of his photography opened in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, appearing in New York at the American Museum of Natural History for 6 months and toured North America in 2005.
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