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Lisa Congdon Art

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Lisa Congdon is an illustrator, fine artist, blogger and author. She spent the first fifteen years of her career in public education - first as a teacher and later in a non-profit. She didn’t actually become a professional artist until she was in her late 30’s. So it really hasn’t been that long. She’s been making art since she was about 32, but she’s been a really creative person her whole life. Lisa currently works for clients around the world including Harvard University, MoMA, Chronicle Books, Martha Stewart Living, and Random House Publishing, to name just a few. Her mother is an artist and she grew up in a household where exploration and creativity were encouraged. Funnily enough, throughout his school and college days, he never thought of myself as an artist and never expressed an interest in taking art classes. It’s quite interesting when she did start taking art classes. She had worked for many years in the field of education. Her first job immediately after college was as an elementary school teacher. After awhile, she went to work at a non-profit that was also concerned with education and she worked with poor students in the Bay Area. The artist is the author of 6 books, which include The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist. She has also illustrated books including Fortune Favors the Brave, The Joy of Swimming, Be a Good One, Whatever You Are, A Collection a Day and Twenty Ways to Draw a Tulip. Framed Lisa Congdon art are in high demand.
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