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Deb Collins Art

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Framed Hatfield House
Hatfield House
by Deb Collins
42" x 26" Frame
Price: $441.99 
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Deb Collins has been an artist for several years. At one point, her life as an artist was significantly changed by a hummingbird. Many years before she began in watercolor, a hummingbird died in her hands. Deb cried as if it were a pet she has loved for years. When she sat down to create the painting which was to be her first lithograph she chose hummingbirds as her subject. Ever since, she has felt compelled to hide a little hummer in most of her works. It is always the last thing she does, just before her signature. Probably, her greatest satisfaction comes from children who run up to her booth at shows happy to see her art and ‘the hummingbird lady’” as people refer to her. The combination of her passion for nature and her broad view of all that is special in the natural world are interlaced beautifully through all her works. She had a successful career in graphic design before meeting the man who would change her life forever. This man is her new husband, Russ who owns an art gallery. This unleashed her desire to paint and the discovery of her life’s work. Today, she has several pieces of art to her name, including thousands of original works, more than 500 print images, and a collection of licensed products. Deb has been painting professionally since 1988. Most of her works are availed as framed Deb Collins art, though there are several other finishing options that clients can choose from. Her works include acrylic, gouache and watercolor with reproductions captured on both canvas and rag paper.
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