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Abstract Gary Max Collins Wall Art

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Framed Welcome to Color
Welcome to Color
by Gary Max Collins
34" x 28" Print
Price: $56.99 
Sale: $28.49
Framed Painted Canvas50% Off Art Prints
Painted Canvas
by Gary Max Collins
13" x 14" Print
Price: $22.99 
Sale: $9.20
Framed 64 Abstract Paintings
64 Abstract Paintings
by Gary Max Collins
50" x 42" Print
Price: $101.99 
Sale: $50.99
Framed Weekend Colors II50% Off Art Prints
Weekend Colors II
by Gary Max Collins
20" x 40" Print
Price: $46.99 
Sale: $18.80
Framed Vibration II50% Off Art Prints
Vibration II
by Gary Max Collins
20" x 25" Print
Price: $35.99 
Sale: $14.40
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5 Items
Garry Max Collins (Born 1936) is one of the finest landscape artists in Utah. His early interest in art was sparked by his grandfather and teachers. They exposed him to a variety of art-related professions including architecture, graphic design, painting, and illustration. At a young age Collins studied the art of the early Utah painters and practiced duplicating works of the masters such as Matisse Van and Gough. As he was growing up in the mountain west, he found continual inspiration in the desert seasons and the mountains whose moods were ever changing. Collins’ early fascination with trees, their bark, roots, leaves and seasonal changes led him to a lifelong love of the aspen tree. He attended Brigham Young University and the University of Utah in the late 1950s and early 1960s respectively. At the age of 20, Collins had already begun selling his works and in 1960 he ultimately realized his dream to paint full-time. His primary goal as an artist is to create paintings that give people pleasure and enrich their environment. Collins’ works have been widely distributed in several languages and he has exhibited in galleries such as Williams Fine Art, A Gallery, Brushworks Gallery in Salt Lake City, the Hale Kea Estate in Waimea, Hawaii; the Phoenix Gallery in Park City, Utah; the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah, Meyer's in Santa Fe and the Mauna Lani Resort. Gary also taught painting at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. Many people have purchased framed Gary Max Collins art for interior design among other uses. His creative pieces are also available in other finishing options.
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