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David Col Art

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David Col is an artist who is widely exhibited with several solo shows and group shows to his credit and has had work distributed throughout the world. He’s known for his beautiful flowers that he produces using the unique style that he developed in the course of his work. Col is an expert at transforming his subjects into things that are purely poetic, beautiful and spiritual. He paints from his heart and believes his art is the best way that he connects with his viewers. His works are evocative and beautiful - rooted in tradition, yet innovative - and demonstrate great depth of technique, vision and feeling. He became an artist when she realized that he had the talent. He’s never been able to stop doing artwork since his childhood. Except for his family, nothing else has ever mattered to him. Col has loved art all her life and during his childhood he knew that his career was in the arts field. Many collectors highly price his art due to their quality. He tries to live a slow life. He imagines the future with hope and his paintings are celebrations and reflections. He thinks of them as stories he tells. His art inspires both the upcoming and established artists, and framed David Col art can be seen adorning many prestigious spaces around the world. Col paints for his own joy, comfort, compassion and sanity. He paints to reach out, as daily meditation and because he can not stop painting. He paints to create the future and honor the past.
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