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Leslie Clark Art

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Framed Tomatoes
by Leslie Clark
38" x 26" Frame
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Price: $288.89 
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Leslie Clark is an artist whose career has always included travel. She is the founder of the Nomad Foundation. Leslie paints constantly and travels widely in searching of old wisdom and new perspective. The artist is not an impartial observer. She strives to preserve the artistic and cultural traditions of nomadic families. She does not visit exotic cultures to document dress or patterns of behavior, but to interpret this in paint and make a human connection. She wants to experience a little of what the nomads feel, the pride in their way of life and love of their environment. She’s come to realize that, although she was initially drawn to them by their vast differences, she continues to be drawn to them because they are very much alike. Leslie holds a master of fine arts degree from George Washington University. After her graduation, she traveled to France for her first exhibition. Since that successful first trip Leslie has spent almost half of each year travelling looking for nomads and painting. In 1993, the artist traveled to Niger to search for exotic subject matter. There, she met and supported the Wodaabe nomads. In 1997, she opened a gallery in Ojai called the “Nomad Gallery.” This is where she showed her paintings of Africa together with the works of African artisans. Beautifully framed Leslie Clark art have found their way into many private homes and in galleries, museums and collections all over the world. Leslie continues her work, bettering the lives of nomads.
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