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Alex Cherry Art

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Self taught artist Alex Cherry (Born 1986) is based in Los Angeles. In his childhood, he was heavily influenced and inspired by the works of John Berkey, the Star Wars illustrator. Then, as he became a teenager, the comic book stories and graphic novels of Frank Miller ignited his interest. His art blurs the line between design and art with digital works directly inspired by pop culture and music. Perhaps the most significant political and ideological influence on his life so far has been the United Kingdom’s graffiti artist Banksy. The theme he has embraced from childhood through to adulthood and is recurring is one of insightful but intelligent rebellion. His art has been compared to those of John Berkey and Frank Miller by critics. The illustrations of Cherry are inspired by music. What is most outstanding about his creative life is that he seeks to make parallels with and draws inspiration from music that rhymes with his artistic soul. His art is insightful and edgy, blurring the distinction between what is beautiful and what is perceived as deathly. His career clearly seems to be progressing. He’s now one of the contemporary American artists who are most sought-after, with a following that is growing every day. Ready to hang Alex Cherry art are today in great demand all over the world. One of his best-selling works is “Heaven in Her Arms”, a giclee print which is a modern abstract representation of an angel in silhouette. Another highly sought-after illustration of the artist is “Open Your Eyes”, a piece that depicts a silhouetted child against the backdrop of a hazy sky.
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