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Soraya Chemaly Art

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Just from a young age, Soraya Chemaly knew that she would become an artist. She spent most of her free occupied by doing artwork. Soraya also spent her childhood surrounded by many art-loving friends who noticed her talent and encouraged her to pursue her interest in art. Her paintings have been heavily influenced by her childhood in the Bahamas, where she was regularly exposed to Caribbean and Haitian art. She has produced thousands of original designs combining unique mixed media with modern abstract paintings of innovative techniques and digital mediums. In her artwork, the Haitian art in particular is infused with plants and flowers that take on a life of their own often representing, in the primitive style, gestures, people, symbols and moods. Soraya is best known for her prolific new designs specializing in giclées on canvas, framed art prints with an emphasis on contemporary décor. She began her career painting exclusively in watercolors, then decided to take up oil painting. Most of her work is sold to major home décor retailers in her home area and to many international clients. Her works convey a beauty and simplicity, serenity and happiness. Her works consists mainly of large-scale flowers painted in contemporary, vivid, contrasting colors. Soraya has been consumed with making paintings that evoke viewer’s emotions and seduced by the beauty of color. Her paintings seem provide direction to her. As she works, her paintings generally consist of many layers of color and texture. She moved permanently to the US after completing her studies and has been residing in Washington, DC. Framed Soraya Chemaly art can be found with many leading art collectors all over the world.
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