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Framed in the Studio
in the Studio
by William Merritt Chase
30" x 23" Frame
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William Merritt Chase nurtured multiple personnae: devoted family man, sophisticated cosmopolitan, and esteemed teacher. He was born in Williamsburg (now Nineveh). In 1886, he married Alice Gerson and together they had 8 children during the period that he was most energetic artistically. His eldest daughters, Bremond Dorothy Chase and Dieudonnee Alice Chase, often modeled for him. He moved to New York City, where he became known for flamboyance that he showed off in his studio, his manners, and most of all in his dress. At 10th Street, he had moved into Bierstadt Albert’s old studio which he decorated as an extension of his own art. He filled this studio with decorative objects, lavish furniture, oriental carpets, stuffed birds, and exotic musical instruments. This studio actually served as a focal point for the fashionable and sophisticated members of the New York City art world. These members were those of the late 19th century, but come 1895 the cost of maintaining his other residences, in addition to the studio, forced him to close the studio and auction the contents. The dwindling family fortunes forced Chase to leave New York for St. Louis, Missouri, where his family was then based. He became active in the St. Louis art community, and managed to win prizes for his paintings at local exhibitions. These exhibitions made his art to be very popular with collectors and that explains why framed William Merritt Chase art could be seen in many collections and in many homes in St. Louis and beyond.
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