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John Charbonneau Art

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John Charbonneau never thought about being an artist as a child, but at one time, in 1968, when his college roommate set-up a darkroom in a house they were renting, he instantly discovered the magic of photography and got hooked. It was love at first sight seeing an image materialize in the developer tray. Since then he’s been on an artist’s journey. He’s had a few other small careers along the way, but whenever he puts the camera down, he wanders more or less blindly. He feels that it’s only the photographic process that keeps him engaged with both the outer and inner realms and provides him with a mechanism for more than self-expression. Photography has set him up with a way of being in the world. He currently lives in the cultural melting pot of Santa Fe, where he’s inspired by art in a variety of forms and mediums. He says that there’s no separate part of his life which is distinct from him life as an artist. Meaning all his life is about art. While he doesn’t always carry a camera and he’s not always thinking about how to use this or that experience in his work, he does pays attention to the inner excitement and notes ideas that are possibly useful and interesting. His passion for photography has naturally drawn him to gain inspiration from the medium’s masters, including Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Stieglitz and Steichen. His art is distributed through many channels around the world; both online and as framed John Charbonneau art which come ready to hang.
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