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Linda Casey Art

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Linda Casey has loved art for as long as she can remember. This passion made it quite natural for her to become a professional artist. Many who discovered her talent early enough also encouraged and supported her in her endeavor to become an artist. Today she’s a multi media artist with several years of experience in this industry. But even with all her experience, Linda is still open to learning and is a regular visitor of many museums and galleries in the country. She also likes to surround herself with books and with her fellow artists from whom she learns a lot. This has kept her art fresh and has increased their collectability. Linda’s approach to painting takes an original, fresh twist. She paints in a range of unanticipated, vibrant colors rarely found in the natural world she reveres. Many who have purchased framed Linda Casey art appreciate the fact that they are not only perfect for decoration but they are also a source of great inspiration. She’s a beginner in Bookbinding. Along with love of books, she has some experience in video production and would like to combine video and studio art. She says she’s still thinking about that. Linda has been published and does both gallery and graphic Art. Linda loves interiors, form, shape and color. This love has inspired her most recent group of paintings and art. When Linda is not painting, she will be found baking and pie is her favorite. She also likes to read and likes good stories.
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