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Liv Carson Art

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17 Items
Framed Buckaroo
by Liv Carson
21" x 29"
Price: $215.99
Sale: $107.99
Framed Top Hand
Top Hand
by Liv Carson
20" x 29"
Price: $213.99
Sale: $106.99
Framed Poppy Breeze
Poppy Breeze
by Liv Carson
44" x 31"
Price: $340.99
Sale: $170.49
Framed Snowfire
by Liv Carson
38" x 38"
Price: $346.99
Sale: $173.49
Framed Doux Mumure
Doux Mumure
by Liv Carson
29" x 37"
Price: $314.99
Sale: $157.49
Framed First Blush
First Blush
by Liv Carson
36" x 28"
Price: $299.99
Sale: $149.99
Framed Spring Baroque
Spring Baroque
by Liv Carson
53" x 45"
Price: $852.99
Sale: $426.49
Framed Freesia Blues I
Freesia Blues I
by Liv Carson
19" x 19"
Price: $156.99
Sale: $78.49
Framed Fragrance of Spring
Fragrance of Spring
by Liv Carson
30" x 36"
Price: $312.99
Sale: $156.49
Framed Scents Of Spring
Scents Of Spring
by Liv Carson
35" x 42"
Price: $364.99
Sale: $182.49
Framed Peonies Blanche II
Peonies Blanche II
by Liv Carson
24" x 25"
Price: $218.99
Sale: $109.49
Framed Silver Flowers
Silver Flowers
by Liv Carson
40" x 48"
Price: $531.99
Sale: $265.99
Framed Calypso Reds I50% Off Art Prints
Calypso Reds I
by Liv Carson
11" x 11"
Price: $94.99
Sale: $38.00
Framed Calypso Reds II50% Off Art Prints
Calypso Reds II
by Liv Carson
11" x 11"
Price: $94.99
Sale: $38.00
Framed Celadon Bouquet IV50% Off Art Prints
Celadon Bouquet IV
by Liv Carson
13" x 22"
Price: $133.99
Sale: $53.60
Framed Confetti IV50% Off Art Prints
Confetti IV
by Liv Carson
27" x 27"
Price: $246.99
Sale: $98.80
Framed Freesia Blues II
Freesia Blues II
by Liv Carson
19" x 19"
Price: $156.99
Sale: $78.49
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17 Items
Liv Carson has a unique style in that she uses many brushstrokes to paint very large flowers. Many have seen her commercial works when they visit their local Hobby Lobby. Her art is similar to that of Dyanna Hesson from a composition standpoint, in that one flower may be so large as to take up the entire page. But that does not affect the quality of her art. In fact it enhances it making the subject look more realistic. Liv is not limited to floral scenes; she has done figures as well as series in landscapes. More than 100 samples of her works can be found at www.art.com or www.allposters.com. She’s a great business woman and many think that any artist can learn from her - Even though she only made 800 per posters when all her royalties were counted. Liv is very versatile and diversified in her work. She paints not only in acrylics, but also in oils, and even watercolors. Asked about what she values in life, Liv says that she prefers a goal to a dream as for her a goal is easier to attain. Through her art, Liv serves as an inspiration to all artists who are looking to generate some money through their artwork; to artist who are perhaps looking for a great lifestyle, those who are interested in making their paintings to be used in gift-wrap, giclees, posters, greeting cards, tableware, collector plates, puzzles, bed sheets, etc. framed Liv Carson art are much sought after by many purchasers who are interested in giving their rooms a fresh look.
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