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Dennis Carney Art

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Framed Secret Story
Secret Story
by Dennis Carney
31" x 39" Frame
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Price: $440.99 
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Dennis Carney has a unique artistic style that he uses to create his art. His artistic prowess is drawn from his educational and ceramics training background. Carney studied at the University of North Texas from where he earned his Advertising Art Degree in 1985. He then worked as an art director for some time after which he moved to Phoenix where he continued with his art making mission. Carney has been influenced by his ceramics training, which he got under Elmer Taylor. He combines both his ceramics knowledge and his advertising art skills to create unique art that properly represent his subjects. His current works are characterized by elements of construction that can be attributed to his ceramics and design training. Carney boasts of an architectural style that fuses molding and layering techniques that, in real life, represents working with clay. His art is defined by transformative and progressive undertones that are a true reflection of the reality that everyone goes through. Carney was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he got captivated by the desert landscape that surrounded him. Although he struggles to create unique artwork, he's inspired by other artists such as Eric Fishel, Frank Stella, and Vernon Fisher. These artists basically inspire him because of their unique storytelling and quality. Carney’ art are exhibited in different galleries and collections. Framed Dennis Carney art pieces are also available and are made ready for those who would like to order ready art.
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