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Eric Carbrey Art

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Eric Carbrey is a painter from Kansas. He got interested in art when he was just 9 years old. His older brother brought to him a drawing of Mario from the video game Super Mario World that looked so beautiful to him. But he swore to himself that he could draw a batter one. After several trials, Carbrey realized that he could not do better but he got hooked to art since then. He also found out later that his older brother had actually traced the September 1991 cover of Nintendo Power magazine to obtain “his” drawing. This encouraged him to work even harder. Since then his relationship with art has grown and has become more complex. His interest in the visuals has also strengthened. Carbrey is fairly sure that he could still out-draw his brother, and he is also fairly sure that his brother is out of practice. He went to art school and graduated with a degree in studio arts and geology minor. He creates geometric art that feels as if the shapes are growing into their current frozen positions. His favorite color is teal. The kind of teal that is mellow bluish sea foam teal, and his least favorite color is neon or gold. Carbrey enjoys being challenged by his work. He experiences great delight in the physical demands of painting, and the processes of creating. His works combine compositional structure with color and shape, and illusion of space formulating works that are both challenging and pleasing to the eye. Framed Eric Carbrey art are in great demand due to the high quality.
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