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Decorative Robert Canady Wall Art

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Framed Paris Red Umbrella
Paris Red Umbrella
by Robert Canady
12" x 12" Print
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Robert Canady was born in Italy where his parents worked and lived. He has been painting since his early years with great passion. He was brought up with a very mixed background, with his parents being Mexican and Tunisian. Canady tries to constantly evolve in his art and strives to keep it interesting to increase collectability. He has been a tremendous source of inspiration to many upcoming artists, and the artists who feel like they want to give up on art usually get back into the business after viewing his work and hearing his story. His goal is to portray a sense of strength, beauty, and balance through his, posters prints and art. His work is great but he still looks for new and creative ways to improve his work. He is open to learning new techniques and styles; that’s why he is a faithful visitor to art exhibitions and museums to learn from his fellow artists. Canady started work first as a waiter and then moved into the kitchens where he trained as a Saus Chef. He only paints during his holidays and on his days off, and each of his pieces contains groups of simple objects that are arranged in various compositions playing on the weight and balance of each element. He produces art in a variety of finishing options, among them the framed Robert Canady art which is the most popular option with many collectors. His works are found in several institutions and in several corporate and private collections all over the world. He has taken part in several solo and group exhibitions where his artwork has been the center of attraction.
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