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Alexander Calder Art

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Alexander Calder (July 22, 1898 – November 11, 1976) was both an illustrator and sculptor who was born in Lawton, Pennsylvania. He studied at the Art Students League, building on his artistic skills. Calder’s stint at the league saw him interact with Ash Can school artists. He’s very famous and is widely known to be the person who invented mobile, which is a type of sculpture made from delicately and selectively balanced parts and is made in such a way that it moves based on motor or air movements. Calder’s fame and the quality of his artwork saw him recognized and his works displayed by numerous exhibitions. He's also reputed for having created wire figures and static sculptures known as stabiles. Calder’s dad was also a known sculptor whose many works were installed widely, with most of them being installed in Philadelphia. His grandfather too was a sculptor. One of his most notable art pieces is William Penn, which is installed on Philadelphia City Hall tower. During his younger years, he got influenced by his father's works, getting to a point where he posed nude for his dad to create "The Man Cub," now displayed in the New York City-based Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's the same year that he created his very first complete sculpture. When he started creating more art, he was picking tools and pieces of copper wire from the streets to do so. His works are selling through a number of galleries globally, with several Alexander Calder framed art attracting many who like ready art for their walls.
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