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Jerry Cable Art

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Jerry Cable was born in Northeastern Ohio, USA. He developed a passion for art while he was still young. Cable started his journey as an artist under the tutelage of an art instructor and would later graduate from the Pratt Institute in New York. He then embarked on his artistic passion particularly focusing on pastoral imagery. Since then, Cable has never looked back and his wonderful collections are clear indicators of the successes he has achieved. The collection of paintings in his Stockton based studio illustrate a journey of an accomplished artist and an unmatched mastery of his artistic subject. Cable draws most of his artistic inspiration from various successful artists. He has been greatly inspired by artists from New Hope School and Old Lyme Academy, USA. Cable has also had opportunities to study the artistic works of great European painters. He has particularly been inspired by the great works of Claude Monet and Camille Pizzaro. Cable’s paintings reveal a unique sense of inquisitiveness. Attentive observers are thrilled by the amazing depth of details in his paintings. Hillsides, abandoned structures, and quiet landscapes are all brought to life in his paintings by this artistic characteristic. Most of Cable’s paintings are a reflection of his cherished memories as he was growing up. They offer viewers a memorable idea of yester years’ life and enable them to contrast it with today’s turbulences. His works have been published in books and magazines. It is also widely featured in public and private collections mostly in the USA and Canada. Framed Jerry Cable art are also available for those who would like to purchase his pieces for use in interior design among other uses.
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