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Ron Burns Art

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Ron Burns (Born in the 1950s) holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications from Ohio State University. He was born and raised in rural Ohio. He developed a love of dogs very early in life. When he was just a kid, their family had a dog named Brownie and he thought the world of him. He used to play a lot with the dog until one day, on the ride home on the school bus, the dog was chasing the bus and it hit him. This was quite devastating to Burns. It’s easy to see why Burns’ art is so popular. The charitable ties, the priceless expressions, and the vivid colors make his art a worthy investment. After is graduation, he moved to Los Angeles and plunged into the world of corporate design; he established a marketing and design firm, working on annual reports and corporate identity programs for clients such as Dick Clark Productions, Xerox and Blue Cross. However, Burns never felt satisfied being in the corporate world. So one day, about 20 years ago, he picked up a brush for the first time and started painting as a release from the corporate world. His artistic career never started then, but in 1992 when he put up his house for sale he realized that the potential buyers were more interested in the pictures on the wall than on the house itself; that’s what made him to decide to be an artist. Today, his art is in great demand, especially the framed Ron Burns art which come ready to hang with all the accessories.
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