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Bobbie Burgers (Born 1973) was born in Vancouver, B.C. Her pieces of art are remarkable for their sweeping animated brushstrokes, bold coloration, and compositional rhythms. Her paintings bring to life the fundamental search to express something emotive, subjective and personal, in an abstract, poetic manner. Bobbie attended the Emily Car Institute of Art and Design. She’s also a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History from the University of Victoria. She describes her practice as a succession of emotions, thoughts or images passing through the mind in which layers of images collage, pile up and float by together. Bobbie’s subject matter never feels expunged from nature. Daring and amorphous, her highly textured paintings reveal layers of emotions. The artist equates her experiences as a painter with that of dreaming. In her painting process, the brushstrokes glide across a canvas just like a caress. Bobbie’s art work brings together inherent compositions while at the same time revealing her remarkable powers of observation. In the recent years, her floras have moved to portraits of time from bring just portraits of flowers. Through her art, future, present and past play out in front of her viewers’ eyes. She works from her studio where she closely guards the moments when dreams slip in as time slips away. Her art has found its way into many galleries and art stores. In the physical stores, they are mainly sold as framed Bobbie Burgers art. Her art are also available in many leading online stores.
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