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Greg Brown Art

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Gregory Brown (1951 - 2013) was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was a muralist whose whimsical, elaborate and often elaborate depictions of everyday people, cunning animals, aliens, and crooks have been amusing and shocking local pedestrians for nearly forty years. Since 1975, Brown has been a prominent fixture of Palo Alto city’s public art scene. In 1976, he launched his “Pedestrian Series”, the fanciful series of murals in the city’s downtown – nine trompe l’oeil vignettes that adorned the walls of many buildings. Brown began an apprenticeship with Italian painter Roberto Lupetti at the age of only 13 years. Roberto Lupetti taught him techniques of “trick of the eye” (tromp l’oeil) painting. He graduated from Paly early but continued to work with Roberto until he was about 21. He presented the idea to the city’s first Art Commission and his idea was approved making him the first Artist in Residence of Palo Alto at age 24. Brown’s wife, Julie Brown, said her husband was always inspired by the people he encountered while he worked and that he was also inspired by Palo Alto. Brown loved talking to people and really enjoyed what they had to say and their input. Though best known for his public murals, Brown’s other works included paintings and drawings. These included a series of twelve works that he dedicated to his family and friends as part of an exhibition held by PALO Alto Art Center in 2003. Framed Gregory Brown art is currently in numerous art galleries and museums in Palo Alto and beyond.
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